PINNATICOEMANSIA Kurihara & Degawa, 2006 (Mycoscience 47:205); 1 sp. (Kurihara and Degawa, 2006).

Sporangiophores septate, branched, fertile branches more or less straight, arising from stolons. Sporocladia produced on fertile branches, several in opposed pairs and one is produced at the apex. Sporocladium multicelled, producing pseudophialides along one surface. Merosporangia unicelled, ellipsoid with a tripartite apical corona, one produced from each flask-shaped pseudophialide; released in a droplet of fluid at maturity. Zygospores unknown.

Type species: P. coronatispora

Species of Pinnaticoemansia:
P. coronatispora Kurihara & Degawa, 2006 (Mycoscience 47:206).

Pinnaticoemansia coronatispora is unusual in producing most sporocladia in pairs directly opposite one another, and also in forming a spore with a sticky corona. The spores appear to adhere to one another and after germination the germ tubes disarticulate centrally to produce colonies that have been described as being raft-like (Kurihara and Degawa, 2006). Soil containing dung of an earwig was the apparent source of this isolate of Pinnaticoemansia. This is the only report of P. coronatispora in the literature.

Kurihara, Y., and Y. Degawa. 2006. Pinnaticoemansia, a new genus of Kickxellales, with a revised key to the genera of Kickxellales. Mycoscience 47:205-211.

Updated Feb 26, 2007