ZYCHAEA Benny & R. K. Benjamin, 1975 (Aliso 8:334); 1 sp. (Benny and Benjamin, 1975—monograph).

Zychaea forms simple or branched sporangiophores that bear single or multilobed, stalked vesicles terminally or laterally; rhizoids are produced. Sporangia more or less globose to ovoid, columellate, apophysate, multispored, with a persistent wall. Zygospores unknown (Benny and Benjamin, 1975).

Type species: Z. mexicana

Species of Zychaea:
Z. mexicana Benny & Benjamin, 1975 (Aliso 8:335).

Zychaea is a monotypic genus that was isolated from dung collected in Mexico. This organism is only known from the initial isolate (Benny and Benjamin, 1975). O’Donnell (1979) illustrated Z. mexicana using SEM. The holotype specimen is now located at the Farlow Herberium (FH), Harvard University.


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Updated Mar 12, 2005