PROTOMYCOCLADUS Schipper & Samson, 1994 (Mycotaxon 50:487); 1 sp. (Schipper and Samson, 1994—illus.).

Sporangiophores arise directly from the substrate, sympodially branched, terminating in multispored sporangia that are columellate, apophysate, obpiriform, and with a deliquescent wall. Zygospores with an ornamented zygosporangial wall and opposed more or less equal suspensors; homothallic (Schipper and Samson, 1994).

Type species: P. faisalabadensis

Species of Protomycocladus:
P. faisalabadensis (Mirza, Khan, Begum & Shagufta) Schipper & Samson, 1994 (Mycotaxon 50:487).

Protomycocladus was originally described as a species of Mucor (Mirza et al., 1979). It is only known from the original isolate.


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Updated Mar 13, 2005