Key to the Genera

A. Merosporangia borne directly on vesicles——Spinalia

AA. Merosporangia borne on sporiferous branchlets; vesicles may or may not be produced——B

B. Fruiting heads formed laterally on the sporophore; sporiferous branchlets one- to three-celled; sterile hyphal terminations present or absent——Tieghemiomyces

BB. Fruiting heads formed terminally on the sporophore or its branches; sporiferous branchlets two- or several-celled; sterile hyphal terminations may or may not be produced——C

C. Sterile hyphal terminations never produced; sporiferous branchlets several celled; wet- or dry-spored at maturity——Dimargaris

CC. Sterile hyphal terminations produced; sporiferous branchlets two-celled; dry-spored at maturity——Dispira


DIMARGARIS van Tieghem, 1875 (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., Sér. 6, 1: 154); 7 spp. (Benjamin, 1959—ILLUS., 1965—ILLUS. and key to spp., 1966—ILLUS.; Mikawa, 1976—ILLUS.; Wrzosek and Gajowniczek, 1998—illus.).

DISPIRA van Tieghem, 1875 (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., Sér. 6, 1: 160); 4 spp. (Thaxter, 1895—illus.; Benjamin, 1959—ILLUS., 1961—ILLUS., 1963—ILLUS. and key to spp.; Zycha et al., 1969—illus. and key to spp.; Misra and Lata, 1979—illus.).

SPINALIA Vuillemin, 1904 (Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 20: 32); 1 sp. (Vuillemin, 1904—illus.; Benjamin, 1959—illus; Wrzosek and Gajowniczek, 1998—ILLUS.).

TIEGHEMIOMYCES Benjamin, 1959 (Aliso 4: 390); 2 spp. (Benjamin, 1959—ILLUS., 1961—ILLUS. and KEY TO SPP.; Beblowska, 1991-1992—illus.).

Updated Jan 15, 2005