PERIDIOSPORA Wu & Lin, 1997 (Mycotaxon 64: 180); 2 species (Wu and Lin, 1997 — key to spp.).

Sporocarps composed of loose hyphae containing only a single globose to ovoid zygospore; suspensors apposed, united apically, ephermeral. Sporocarps occur singly or in clusters in soil or roots, possibly ectomycorrhizal.

Type species: P. tatachia

Species of Peridiospora:
P. tatachia G.C. Wu & S.J. Lin, 1997 (Mycotaxon 64:181).
P. reticulata G.C. Wu & S.J. Lin, 1997 (Mycotaxon 64:184).

Species of Peridiospora are unique in that only a single zygospore is produced in each sporocarp (Wu and Lin, 1997). The type species of Peridiospora has also been reported from Brazil (Goto and Maia, 2006).


Goto, B.T., and L.C. Maia. 2006. Contribution to the studiy of Endogonales in Brazil: the first record of Peridiospora tatachia. Mycotaxon 96:327-332.

Wu, C.-G., and S.-J. Lin. 1997. Endogonales in Taiwan: a new genus with unizygosporic sporocarps and a hyphal mantle. Mycotaxon 64:179-188.

Updated Mar 02, 2007