SCLEROGONE Warcup, 1990 (Mycological Research 94: 176); 1 species (Warcup, 1990; Yao et al., 1996 — ILLUS).

Sporocarps small, hard, composed of interwoven hyphae that are compact and thick-walled; few zygospores present. Suspensors, opposed, evanescent.

Type species: S. eucalypti

Species of Sclerogone:
S. eucalypti Warcup, 1990 (Mycol. Res. 94:176).

Warcup (1990) mentioned a single collection of S. eucalypti in his description. Yao et al. (1996) examined this specimen and found that each sporocarp contained from 1 to 10 zygospores. Sclerogone eucalypti has a wide host range (Warcup, 1990). This fungus has been grown on agar medium (as Endogone eucalypti) but apparently it did not sporulate (Warcup, 1975).


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