AQUAMORTIERELLA Embree & Indoh, 1967 (Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 94: 464); 1 species (Embree and Indoh, 1967; Indoh, 1967).

Sporangiophore simple, coenocytic, slightly vesiculate subbasally, bearing a single sporangium terminally. Sporangium globose, multispored; columella convex. Sporangiospores allantoid to reniform, with nonadhesive appendage-like structures arising from each end. Zygospores unknown.

Type species: A. elegans

Species of Aquamortierella:
A. elegans Embree & Indoh, 1967 (Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 94:464 (Embree and Indoh, 1967; Indoh, 1967).

Aquamorteriella elegans is similar to species of Mortierella in the morphology of the sporangiophore and the shape of the columella. Aquamortierella was found growing on a midge larva collected in a New Zealand freshwater stream (Embree and Indoh, 1967). Indoh (1967) also found this species in Japan.

Embree, R.W., and H. Indoh. 1967. Aquamortierella, a new genus in the Mucorales. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 94:464-467.

Indoh, H. 1967. On an aquatic “mucor” found in Japan. Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 8:28.

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