GAMSIELLA (R.K. Benjamin) Benny & M. Blackwell, 2004 (Mycologia 96:147).
= Mortierella Coemans subgenus Gamsiella R.K. Benjamin, 1978 (Aliso 9:157)

Colonies producing aerial hyphae and a garlic-like odor. Sporangiophores arising from the aerial hyphae, inflated, more or less moniliform, bi- or trifurcate, apically bearing 2 or 3 sporangia, each on a long, tapered pedicel. Sporangia ovoid, bispored. Sporangiospores more or less hemispherical, ornamented. Chlamydospores globose, ornamented; formed in the hyphae or in branches arising from the hyphae. Zygospores unknown.

Type species: G. multidivaricata

Species of Gamsiella:
G. multidivaricata (R.K. Benjamin) Benny & M. Blackwell, 2004 (Mycologia 96:147).
Mortierella multidivaricata R.K. Benjamin, 1978 (Aliso 9:158) (Benjamin, 1978; Ansell and Young, 1982; O’Donnell, 1979)

Gamsiella multidivaricata produces a garlic-like odor in culture. This fungus sporulates on most culture media; it was described on YpSs and PYED (Benjamin, 1978). The type culture was isolated from detritis collected in Moscow, Russia (Benjamin, 1978); the same species was isolated later from mouse dung collected in Poland (Bebłowska, 1991-1992).


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