LOBOSPORANGIUM M. Blackwell & Benny, 2004 (in Benny and Blackwell, Mycologia 94:144); 1 species (Benny and Blackwell, 2004).
= Echinosporangium Malloch, Mycologia 59: 327, 1967 [nom. illeg., Art. 53.1 of the ICBN, Greuter et al. (2000)], non Echinosporangium Kylin, 1956 (Die Gattungen der Rhodophyceen, p. 537).

Mycelium anastomosing, aseptate, producting lateral branches that that divide apically 3-4 times to form sporangia in isolated clusters. Mature sporangia long cylindrical, centrally constricted, with several conical spines on each end, multispored, often with a membrane-bound pseudocolumella; formed in pairs. Sporangiospores globose to irregular, hyaline, smooth-walled. Zygospores unknown,

Type species: L. transversale

Species of Lobosporangium:
L. transversalis (Malloch) M. Blackwell & Benny, 2004 (in Benny and Blackwell, Mycologia 94:144) (Benny and Blackwell, 2004).
= Echinosporangium transversale Malloch, 1967 (Mycologia 59:327) (Malloch, 1967; Mil’ko, 1974; O’Donnell, 1979).

Lobosporangium transversale produces unique sporangia but it can placed in the Mortierellales because of the production of a garlic-like odor and comparison of rDNA sequences (O’Donnell et all., 2001; Benny and Blackwell, 2004). Sporangia are formed on many culture media at 18 C and 25 C (Benny and Blackwell, 2004).


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Updated Mar 06, 2007