BACKUSELLA Hesseltine & Ellis, 1969 (In Ellis and Hesseltine, Mycologia 61:863); 3 spp. (Benny and Benjamin, 1975—monograph).

Backusella spp. are distinguished by the formation of terminal, multispored, deliquescent-walled sporangia, and laterally formed persistent-walled sporangia that can be either uni- or multispored; both are formed simultaneously. Zygospores have opposed suspensors. All species have been illustrated (Benny and Benjamin, 1975).

Type species: B. circina

Species of Backusella:
B. circina Ellis & Hesseltine, 1969 (Mycologia 61:865).
B. ctenidia (Durrell & Fleming) Pidoplichko & Mil’ko, 1971 (Atlas mukoral’vykh gribov, p 85).
B. lamprospora (Lendner) Benny & Benjamin, 1975 (Aliso 8:320).

The genus Backusella was described by Hesseltine and Ellis (Ellis and Hesseltine, 1969). It was monographed by Benny and Benjamin (1975) and Backusella has contained three species since that time. Zygosporangium ornamentation was illustrated by Stalpers and Schipper (1980). Species of Backusella can be isolated from dung and soil (Benny and Benjamin, 1975).


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Updated Mar 14, 2005