HESSELTINELLA Upadhyay, 1970 (Persoonia 6:111); 1 sp. (Benny and Benjamin, 1991).

Hesseltinella forms multivesiculate sporangiophores that each produce several uniseptate stalks terminating in a vesicle that forms a single, globose, acolumellate, pedicellate, multispored sporangium covered with Cunninghamella—like spines. Although rhizoids were supposedly formed by Hesseltinella they were not observed by Benny and Benjamin (1991). Zygospores are unknown.

Type species: H. vesiculosa

Species of Hesseltinella:
H. vesiculosa Upadhyay, 1970 (Persoonia 6:111).

Stuart and Young (1987), and Benny and co-workers (Benny and Khan, 1988; Benny and Samson, 1989: Benny and Benjamin, 1991), illustrated H. vesiculosa. Hesseltinella vesiculosa is known only from a single isolate from soil (Upadhyay, 1970). Hesseltinella was included in the Radiomycetaceae (Ellis and Hesseltine, 1974).


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