Gilbertellaceae (Synonym of Choanephoraceae)


Gilbertellaceae was proposed by Benny (1991) for a monotypic taxon, Gilbertella persicaria (Hesseltine (1960). This fungus was an anomaly in Mucoraceae (Benny, 1991) because it formed sporangia and sporangiospores (broadly fusiform with hyaline appendages at each end) like those of Choanephoraceae (Kirk, 1984) but Mucor-type (rough zygosporangial wall and opposed suspensors) zygospores as formed by many members of Mucorales.

Gilbertella persicaria can be isolated from soil or from various fruits (it causes a soft rot of pear, apple, peach, and tomato).

Gilbertellaceae Benny, 1991 (Mycologia 83: 151).

Sporophores arising directly from the substrate, simple or branched, terminating in a columellate sporangium with a persistent wall having a longitudinal suture where it splits into more or less equal portions at maturity; sporangiola not formed. Sporangiospores with a smooth or faintly striate, hyaline wall; bearing thin, hyaline appendages from the ends. Zygospores with opposed, nonappendaged suspensors and a rough, pigmented zygosporangial wall.

Type and only genus: Gilbertella Hesseltine.

Updated Jun 09, 2010