APLECTOSOMA Drechsler, 1951 (Mycologia 43:173), 1 species (Drechsler, 1951)

Parasite of an amoeba. Thallus formed in the host, irregular in shape, marginally lobate, producing sporangiophores from lobed apices. Merosporangia multispored, 4(-5) merosporangia produced. Spores more or less fusiform. Zygospores unknown.

Type species: A. microsporum

Species of Aplectosoma:
A. microsporum Drechsler, 1951 (Mycologia 43:151) (Drechsler, 1951).

This fungus is only known from the original description (Drechsler, 1951). The host is often a flattened amoebae. Usually four merosporangia are produced but five have been observed.

Drechsler, C. 1951. Various zoöpagaceous fungi subsisting on protozoans and eelworms. Mycologia 43:161-185.

Updated Nov 05, 2007