BRACHYMYCES Barron, 1980 (Canadian Journal of Botany 58: 2450), 1 sp. (Barron, 1980).

Parasitic on bdelloid rotifers. Sporangiophores with two or three shout basal rhizoids and elongate ovoid or obovoid apical vesicle and an attenuated stalk represented by a basal constriction; merosporangia formed on the truncate vesicle apex. Merosporangia broadly ellipsoid or obovoid, darkly pigmented, unicelled, 1-2(-3-4) formed. Zygospores unknown.

Type species: B. megasporus:

Species of Brachymyces:
B. megasporus Barron, 1980 (Canadian Journal of Botany 58: 2450) (Barron, 1980a).

Brachymyces megasporus (Barron, 1980) is known only from the original description. The merosporangia may be as large or larger than the sporangiophore. Often several spore primordia are left undeveloped after the first few have matured.


Barron, G.L. 1980. A new genus of the Zygomycetes. Canad. J. Bot. 58: 2450-2453.

Updated Apr 09, 2007