SYNCEPHALASTRUM Schröter, 1886 [In Cohn’s Kryptogamen-Flora von Schlesen 3(2):217]; 2 spp. + 3 var. (Benjamin, 1959—ILLUS.; Zheng et al., 1988—ILLUS.).

Syncephalastrum is characterized by the formation of cylindrical merosporangia over the surface of a fertile vesicle. Zygospores have a rough- and dark-walled zygosporangium and opposed, more or less equal suspensors (Benjamin 1959).
Type species: S. racemosum

Species of Syncephalastrum:
S. monosporum var. monosporum Zheng, G.-q. Chen & Fu, 1988 (Mycosystema 1:39),
S. monosporum var. cristatum Zheng, G.-q. Chen & Fu, 1988 (Mycosystema 1:42).
S. monosporum var. pluriproliferum Zheng, G.-q. Chen & Fu, 1988 (Mycosystema 1:44).
S. racemosum Cohn ex Schroeter, 1886 (in Cohn’s Kryptogamen-Flora von Schlesien 3(2):217).

Two species of Syncephalastrum are known, S. racemosum with multispored merosporangia (Benjamin 1959) and S. monosporum with unispored merosporangia (Zheng et al. 1988). Syncephalastrum monosporum has three varieties (Zheng et al. 1988). Benjamin (1959), Zycha et al. (1969), and Benjamin and Tucker (1978) illustrated S. racemosum. Benjamin (1959), and Schipper and Stalpers (1983), presented synonyms for S. racemosum, which included S. verruculosum (Misra, 1975).


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