GONGRONELLA Ribaldi, 1952 (Rivista Biol. Gen. 44:164); 2 spp. (Hesseltine and Ellis, 1961, 1964).

Sporangia globose, wall deliquescent or breaking, borne on straight to curved sporangiophores. Columella more or less globose, forming a distinct, globose apophysis. Stolons and rhizoids not well developed. Zygospores with dark, ornamented zygosporangia, suspensors opposed, without appendages.

Type species: G. butleri

Species of Gongronella:
G. butlerii (Lendner) Peyronel & Dal Vesco, 1955 (Allionia 2:370).
G. lacrispora Hesseltine & Ellis, 1961 (Mycologia 53:411).

Hesseltine and Ellis (1961, 1964) and Upadhyay (1969) described both Gongronella species. Gongronella spp. can be isolated from soil. Gongronella is considered a synonym of Absidia by Mil’ko (1970).


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Updated Mar 14, 2005