CIRCINELLA van Tieghem & Le Monn., 1873 (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., Sér. 5, 17:298); 9 spp. (Hesseltine and Fennell, 1955; Arambarri and Cabello, 1996).
Circinumbella van Tieghem & Le Monn., 1872 (Compt. Rend. Hebd. Séances Acad. Sci. 74:999).

The sporangia of Circinella are multispored, more or less globose, a slight apophysis may be present, and they are borne on circinate sporangiophores. Zygospores are known in three species, C. angarensis, C. muscae, and C. umbellata. The zygospores of the latter two species are smooth walled and the suspensors are opposed.

Type species: C. umbellata

Species of Circinella:

C. angarensis (Schostakowitsch) Zycha, 1935 ( Kryptogamenflora d. mark Brandenburg 6a:98).
C. chinensis Naganishi & Kojiro, 1942 (J. Ferm. Technol. 20:409; nomen nudum, without a Latin diagnosis, Art. 36.1 of the ICBN, Greuter et al., 2000).
C. lacrymispora Arambarri & Cabello, 1996 (Mycotaxon 57:146).
C. linderi Hesseltine & Fennell; = Fennellomyces linderi (q.v.)
C. minor Lendner, 1905 (Bull. Herb. Boisser, Sér. II, 5:199).
C. muscae (Sorokine) Berlese & De Toni, 1888 (in P.A. Saccardo’s Sylloge Fungorum 7:216).
C. mucoroides Saito, 1907 (Centralbl. Bakteriol., Ser. II, 17:159).
C. rigida Smith, 1951 (Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc 34:19).
C. simplex van Tieghem, 1875 (Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., Sér. VI, 1:92).
C. umbellata van Tieghem & Le Monnier, 1873 (Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., Sér. V, 17:300).

Doubtful species:

C. minutissima Faurel & Schotter, 1965 (Cahier de La Moboké 3:125).
C. indica Patil & Kale, 1981 Curr. Sci. 50:544) .

Circinella was monographed by Hesseltine and Fennell (1955). Circinella angarensis was later redescribed (Hesseltine and Ellis 1961) based on cultures collected in southern California. Faurel and Schotter (1965), Patil and Kale (1981), and Arambarri and Cabello (1996) described new species of Circinella. Circinella chinensis (Naganishi and Kojiro, 1942) is considered a synonym of C. mucoroides (Saito, 1907) by Hesseltine and Fennell (1955). Naganishi (1974), however, provided information showing that C. chinensis and C. mucoroides are different species. Mucor laxorrhizus (Schipper, 1989) may also belong in Circinella because it forms recurved sporangiophores and a persistent sporangial wall; M. laxorrhizus was treated as a species of uncertain position by Hesseltine and Fennell (1955).

Mil’ko (1968, 1970, 1974) transferred taxa from Pirella to Circinella and he described a new variety of Circinella circinans. Pirella (Benny and Schipper 1992) is considered a valid genus here (see below). Little and Young (1987) studied the morphology and ultrastructure of Circinella umbellata, including zygospore ontogeny.


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